Synthetic Grass Expert in Portland Explains: How Artificial Turf Beats Bad Weather

How Artificial Turf Beats Bad Weather

Bad weather is a fact of life. It happens, and it can ruin months’ worth of hard work on your lawn. You can take measures to help your grass recover, but it’ll take a lot of time and money. And there’s no telling that your effort won’t go to waste the next time there’s a drought or heavy rain in your area. The great news is that there’s a way to avoid all this hassle and still have your dream lawn. Just get help from a synthetic grass expert in Portland.

Synthetic grass is tougher than real grass, especially against the elements. Here’s how it fares against different bad weather conditions:


Drought can spell trouble for natural grass. The lack of water in the soil causes the grass to become brittle, dry and yellow. Heat stress makes the problem worse as it makes the soil inhospitable for grass growth.

Artificial grass doesn’t need water to look and feel good. It can withstand drought conditions without any problems.


When it rains on natural grass, the roots will absorb all of the water that falls onto them. This can make them soggy and vulnerable to all kinds of turf diseases. Too much water can also leave the lawn with brown and dead patches.

Artificial grass doesn’t have the same drawbacks. It resists water, so its fibers won’t drown, rot away or develop fungus. Synthetic lawns come with excellent drainage systems, so puddles don’t form on them when it rains.


Flooding is another bad weather condition that damages natural grass. But it doesn’t affect artificial turf at all. It can uproot real grass, wash it away or drown it.

Any synthetic grass expert in Portland worth their salt ensures artificial turf is secure. So there’s no need to worry about floods carrying away synthetic grass. Moreover, the turf won’t deteriorate even when it’s underwater for a long time.


Hail damage is one of the most common reasons why people decide to replace their natural lawns with artificial grass. When hail falls from the sky, it can cause significant damage to a lawn in a matter of minutes.

Synthetic turf comes in variants that feature hail resistance. These turf products can keep your yard looking great during hailstorms. And they don’t need any additional maintenance on your part.


Snow can also ruin real lawns for good. When the snow melts and freezes over time, it can damage the roots of the grass and cause them to die off. And when spring rolls around, the ice melts to reveal a slushy, muddy mess. This can be a problem, especially if your lawn is also a putting green in Portland.

Artificial grass, however, has no roots. Iit doesn’t care if there’s snow or ice on top of it. Its fibers might freeze, but once it’s spring, the sun will naturally melt it, revealing lush, vibrant synthetic turf.

Dust Storms

Dust storms are another big problem for natural grass. They’re unpredictable and they don’t have any water content in them at all. They can dry out plants and alter the quality of the soil.

The worst a dust storm can do to artificial grass is get it dusty. Once the storm passes, it’s easy to blow or hose off the dust from the turf.

Invest in a Weather-Resistant Lawn With Artificial Grass in Portland, Oregon

The last thing you want on a day off is to spend hours helping your lawn recover from bad weather. You deserve better! So do your plants, grasses and other greenery.

Contact Portland Artificial Grass today to learn more about our synthetic grass products. We also offer landscaping solutions and installation services. We can help you make sure that your lawn looks great all year long—even when Mother Nature isn’t cooperating. Send us a message online or call us now at 408-317-0931!

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