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Essentials Dos and Donts of Installing a Putting Green in Portland Homes

Installing a backyard putting green in Portland is the ultimate way to personalize your game. You don’t have to settle for the same old slopes and holes you’ve been playing at your usual range. Better yet, your putting paradise…

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3 Low-Maintenance Advantages of a Synthetic Putting Green in Portland

Installing a backyard putting green in Portland is not just an excellent investment for golf enthusiasts. It’s also a fun activity for family bonding and for when you have guests over. If you already have a natural lawn, maintaining…

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Advantages of Hiring a Green Synthetic Grass Expert in Portland for Home Installations

Taking the do-it-yourself approach is not the best strategy when it comes to artificial grass installations. The risk for costly and irreversible mistakes is high, especially if you have little to no experience with synthetic grass. Let a green…

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Level Up Your Golf Play Experience with a Realistic, Synthetic Putting Green in Portland

Relive the feeling of playing on a golf course with a synthetic putting green in Portland. Unlike a natural grass course, it does not need as much watering or trimming, so you can focus on honing your swings and…

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The Ultimate Benefits of Installing Pet Artificial Grass in Portland for the Backyard

Give your pets a more comfortable playing and resting space by installing pet artificial grass in Portland for the backyard.  While dogs are more accustomed to natural grass surfaces, high-quality synthetic turf is so realistic; your dogs won’t be…

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5 Unique Home Decor Ideas Using Top Quality Artificial Grass in Portland, Oregon

Top-quality artificial grass in Portland, Oregon is becoming a popular material not just for yards, but for numerous indoor and outdoor applications. Unlike real grass, it can be installed on any surface and designed to fit even the most…

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Being ecologically responsible is our duty to the environment

When you’re looking out over your gorgeous yard, whether it’s natural or synthetic. You wish to think you’re being ecologically responsible, ideally? When it comes to selecting a yard, there are advantages and disadvantages to both natural and synthetic…

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Green with Artificial Grass, in more than one way.

As society continues becoming increasingly more environmentally mindful, there is a way to go green right in your own yard. Portland Artificial Grass has landscaping options personalized just for you that are green! Their artificial lawn installation uses an…

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How to Create a Winning Golf Course by Installing Artificial Grass

Over 24 million people enjoy the game of golf on a regular basis. This statistic is enough to lure any Portland entrepreneur to invest in a golf course, whether it is located in Portland or elsewhere. But how do you maximize…

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