Artificial Putting Green in Portland: The Perfect Place for Family Golfing Time

Perks of an Artificial Putting Green for Families portland

For those residing in Portland, Oregon, golf is more than just a sport; it’s a beloved pastime. A backyard putting green can be an enticing addition to your home. However, the drawbacks of natural grass greens can outweigh their appeal. Enter artificial putting green in Portland – an innovative solution that addresses these concerns, offering the perfect place for family golfing time.

Natural Putting Green Drawbacks Solved by Synthetic Turf

Maintaining natural putting greens in Portland comes with challenges. Let’s explore some of these and how artificial turf resolves them. 

Time-Consuming Upkeep

Portland’s climate brings a variety of grass-growing challenges. Constant care, from watering to mowing, aerating, and fertilizing, can be time-consuming, and time is a luxury most Portland families don’t have. Hours that could be spent golfing with your family are instead devoted to lawn care.

In contrast, artificial grass greens require minimal maintenance – no watering, mowing, aerating, or fertilizing. This allows families more time to bond and enjoy golf.

Costly Maintenance

The upkeep of a natural green can be costly, especially in Portland, where the rainy weather can lead to an overgrowth of grass or the spread of weeds. Water bills, fertilizers, pesticides, and mowing equipment add up, straining your budget and limiting funds for other activities.

It’s a different story with synthetic turf. The initial cost of installing an artificial putting green in Portland can be higher than seeding a natural course. However, the savings you’ll gain on water bills, fertilizers, pesticides, and lawn equipment make it a worthwhile investment.

Environmental Impact

Portland is known for its commitment to sustainability. However, traditional greens use substantial water resources and the fertilizers and pesticides needed to maintain a lush lawn can contribute to water pollution – counterintuitive to Portland’s green ethos.

On the other hand, artificial grass doesn’t require watering, significantly reducing your water usage – a win for environmentally conscious Portland residents. Plus, the absence of fertilizers or pesticides ensures you are not contributing to water pollution.

Weather Dependency

Portland’s weather is unpredictable, with periods of intense rainfall or dry spells. Natural grass is susceptible to these weather changes, which can affect the quality of your putting green.

Artificial grass can withstand various weather conditions – perfect for Portland’s unpredictable weather. Enjoy golfing with your family, all year round, rain or shine.

5 Exciting Putting Green Games for Families 

Ready to make memories with your family? Ramp up the fun with these engaging golf games with artificial grass in Portland, Oregon.

  • HORSE: Similar to the basketball game, players take turns choosing a hole and a specific shot. If the player makes it, others must replicate it. If they fail, they get a letter until someone spells out “HORSE.”
  • Around the World: Mark specific holes around the putting green. Players must make a putt from each hole, in order. The player who completes the circuit with the fewest strokes wins
  • King of the Green: One player chooses a challenging putt. Each player attempts to make the putt. The first player to sink the putt becomes the King and gets to choose the next putt.
  • Closest to the Pin: Each player takes turns hitting a ball toward a selected hole from the same spot. The player whose ball lands closest to the hole wins that round.
  • Knockout: Each player must make a putt from a chosen spot. The player who takes the most shots to sink their ball is knocked out. The last player standing wins.

Make Memories on a Synthetic Putting Green

At Portland Artificial Grass, we understand the unique needs of Portland residents. We offer high-quality, durable, and realistic artificial grass greens that will transform your Portland backyard into a golfers’ paradise that your family will love.

Contact us online or by phone at 408-317-0931 today for a free consultation with a synthetic grass expert in Portland!

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