Synthetic Grass Expert in Portland: Why Artificial Grass Beats Real Turf for Hardscape Pathways

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If you’re looking for a low-maintenance, attractive option for your pathways made of hardscape, artificial grass is an excellent choice. Not only does it require less upkeep than real grass, but it also eliminates the difficulties of trying to grow natural grass between and around hardscape features. We asked a synthetic grass expert in Portland about the benefits of using artificial grass for pathways. Here’s what they had to say about it, plus ideas for incorporating it into different types of hardscape designs:

Why Natural Grass Struggles to Grow on Hardscape Pathways

It’s no secret that grass can be difficult to maintain, particularly in areas that are not ideal for it. When it comes to pathways, this is even more challenging since the hard surfaces surrounding the grass don’t provide an optimal environment for growth.

Here are some of the reasons why natural grass struggles to grow on hardscape pathways:

Lack of Soil

The soil beneath hardscape pathways is typically compacted and has limited depth, making it difficult for grass roots to penetrate and establish themselves.

Limited Water

Hardscape pathways don’t retain water, which means that grass growing in these areas may not receive enough moisture to thrive.

Foot Traffic

Pathways are meant to be walked on, which means that grass growing in these areas is subject to constant trampling. This can make it difficult to maintain an attractive appearance.


Depending on the placement of the pathway, the grass may not receive enough sunlight to grow properly.

The Solution: Artificial Grass for Hardscape Pathways

A synthetic grass expert in Portland confirms that artificial grass is an excellent solution for all of the challenges associated with growing natural grass on hardscape pathways. Here are some of the benefits of using artificial grass for pathways:

Soil Is Optional

Since artificial grass doesn’t require soil to grow, you can install it on any hardscape surface. Of course, you can also lay it down on soil if that’s what you want.

No Water Required

Artificial grass doesn’t need watering, which means the lack of water retention on hardscape pathways won’t affect it.

Superior Durability

Synthetic grass for yards, pets, and puting greens in Portland can withstand heavy foot traffic and maintain its appearance, making it a low-maintenance option for pathways.

Always Looks Great

Artificial grass always looks green and lush, no matter the season, ensuring an attractive appearance for your hardscape pathways year-round.

Ideas for Incorporating Artificial Grass into Hardscape Pathways

The sky’s the limit when incorporating artificial grass into your hardscape pathways. You can stick to your personal preferences and design style or go the out-of-the-box route with unique turf and hardscape combos.

Here are some ideas to consider:

  1. Create a Checkerboard Pattern: Use alternating squares of hardscape material and artificial grass to create a unique and eye-catching pathway.
  2. Add a Border: Use artificial grass to create a border around a hardscape pathway. This can add color and texture to the design while also helping to define the pathway.
  3. Mix With Other Materials: Consider mixing artificial grass with other hardscape materials, such as stone or brick, to create a more varied and visually interesting pathway.
  4. Use in a Courtyard or Patio: Artificial grass can be used to cover an entire courtyard or patio, providing a soft and comfortable surface for walking and lounging.

Spruce Up Your Pathways Today!

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