When it comes to managing a hotel or resort, there is always a challenge associated with making the place greener. Natural grass or lawn, after all, can be costly. Not to mention, it comes with a number of possible problems.


For starters, keeping natural grass lush takes a significant volume of water. Depending on the size of the area and its location, landscaping alone could cost a property more than 143 million gallons of water a year, making it quite an expensive undertaking. At the same time, the cost does not stop there. With a natural lawn, a property owner would also have to spend money and time on mowing it regularly as well as applying fertilizer. Aside from having to stock on necessary equipment and supplies, you may have to hire additional workers too just to make sure the tasks get done on time.

With all the challenges that natural grass represent, it’s easy to see how a property owner can be put off by the idea. Luckily though, there is now a way to make your property lush with minimal costs and maintenance. That comes in the form of artificial grass.

Artificial turf or grass looks exactly like natural grass. The difference is the moment it’s installed, there’s really not much that you have to do. In fact, this type of grass even comes with its own drainage system so that you don’t have to worry about your guests’ feet getting soaked. At the same time, its material is designed to be non-toxic and allergen-free so that it’s safe for any guest of any age. Not to mention, unlike natural grass, artificial turf will stay green throughout the seasons so that your property would look lush all 365 days of the year.

That said, here are a number of amazing ways that artificial grass can help make your guests’ stay more enjoyable and comfortable:


If you have always wanted to have a lush front lawn but without the maintenance cost of natural grass, artificial turf is absolutely your best bet. You can easily have it installed in front of your hotel so that guests will be welcomed with a sight of greenery when they check in. To make this spot even more welcoming, you can also opt to put in a few chairs. This way, you have an additional area where guests can sit down and hang out.


If you have an extensive area at the back of your property, you easily transform it into a garden by having artificial turf installed. Decorate it with lounge chairs so that guests would have a place to sit back and relax. Better yet, you can open an al fresco restaurant so that they would want to stay even longer.


Artificial grass is a great material to use as a play area surface for your littlest of guests. After all, the material is soft and provides reliable padding in case they decide to run and jump around. Once the artificial turf is installed, you just need to set up the playground equipment on top and it’s ready for children.


If you have the space for it, there’s no reason why you can’t put up your own little golf course in the property, especially when you are using artificial turf. Because it drains water easily, guests will be able to readily enjoy a few rounds even if it just rained in the area.


Make the most out of your roof by creating a green lounge where guests can relax, hang out and order a few drinks. Since artificial turf is easy to maintain, you can easily keep this lounge open for longer.

Keep these ideas in mind when trying to decide what sort of facilities you can add to your hotel or resort to make it more green. It’s also worth pointing out that artificial turf is quite easy to work with. In fact, the moment it’s installed you can immediately get to work transforming the area according to your design. Unlike natural lawn, artificial grass won’t require any trimming or treating. This way, you can make the space open to guests immediately so that they can further enjoy their stay.


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