Characteristics of Premium Artificial Grass

Artificial grass refers to synthetic turf made to emulate the look and feel of natural grass. It has become a popular alternative for homeowners and businesses instead of standard lawns due to numerous benefits. Artificial grass is durable, low-maintenance, environmentally friendly, and retains its vibrant green hue year-round regardless of weather or climate.

There are a few different types of artificial grass materials used. The main options are nylon, polyethylene, and polypropylene blades. Nylon blades look the most realistic, while poly blades tend to be more durable and budget-friendly. The infill used also impacts quality, feel, and performance. Infill supports the blades to remain upright. Common options include silica sand, rubber granules, and acrylic coated sand.

When selecting artificial turf, it’s important to choose high-quality materials designed to mimic real grass. Premium artificial grass is set apart by certain defining features, indicating superior durability, natural appearance, safety, and longevity.

Key Characteristics of High-End Synthetic Grass

Evaluating the Essential Features of High-End Artificial Grass - portland

Durability and Longevity

The most vital aspect to evaluate is the durability and longevity claimed by the manufacturer. Durability depends largely on the quality of materials used to construct the synthetic blades and backing. Premier brands use advanced polymers and technological innovations to bolster strength and stability. This enables the blades to endure years of sun, rain, and activity without substantial deterioration. Reputable products come with 8-15 year warranties.

UV Resistance

Continuous sun exposure can cause discoloration and fading over time. UV-resistant artificial grass undergoes treatment to prevent ultraviolet rays from breaking down the color pigments and polymers. Special UV-inhibitors are incorporated to sustain the rich green tones much longer than non-UV resistant varieties, which lose charm within a year.

Realistic Appearance

The intent behind artificial lawns is simulating the aesthetics of lively, lush grass. Inferior quality plastic turf looks distinctly synthetic with a shiny plastic sheen. High-standard synthetic turf utilizes state-of-the-art polyethylene or polypropylene to match natural grass blade width, color variations, thatch layer, and texture. This attention to detail creates a convincingly life-like appearance.

Effective Drainage System

Without proper drainage, artificial grass collects rainwater causing foul odors and bacteria. Superior quality options have drainage capacities via perforations in the backing layer. This permits water to freely flow through instead of pooling on top. Some advanced systems also integrate a slight slope to facilitate runoff.

Smooth Non-Abrasive Texture

While touted for durability, cheaper artificial grass variants have stiff, abrasive blades with sharp edges. The blades should feel supple and smooth, not scratchy. Newer technologies use refined needles and tufting to produce softly rounded blades pleasant to touch.

Resilience to Foot Traffic

Respectable artificial grass needs to withstand regular activity without flattening down. Better grades integrate advanced infill between blades for support and bounce-back recovery after use. Precise distribution and infill depth also contribute to optimal results.

Low Maintenance Requirements

Aside from installation, high-end artificial lawns require minimal upkeep unlike natural grass. Mowing, fertilizing, dethatching, and weeding are non-existent. Just occasionally rinse debris, gently rake matted areas, and redistributed displaced infill. The hassle-free nature offers practical convenience.

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