Can Dog Waste Kill Artificial Pet Turf in Portland?

Why Pet Pee and Poop Cant Kill Artificial Pet Turf

Dog waste can kill natural grass if you don’t remove it immediately. You can clean up pet urine and poop, but they could leave behind smelly traces that can harm your natural lawn. If you want a beautiful landscape that’s impervious to pet waste, invest in artificial pet turf in Portland. Dog poop and pee can’t kill it, and it’s a breeze to clean up.

How Does Dog Urine Kill Grass?

Dog urine contains a lot of nitrogen. Although grass needs some nitrogen to grow, too much can burn it and leave behind yellow patches.

The lactic acid in dog pee also contributes to turf death by disrupting the cellular metabolism of natural grass. In other words, it can interfere with photosynthesis, which is essential to grass growth.

How Does Dog Poop Kill Grass?

Dog poop has a lot of nitrogen, especially if the dog has a high-protein diet. The process of breaking down protein creates nitrogen, which is bad for grass in excess.

Stages of Dog Waste Damage in Natural Lawn

Your dogs’ favorite bathroom spots might show signs of pet waste damage over time. Once the grass has started absorbing pee or poop has begun breaking down on the turf, it’ll turn tall and dark green. The turf looks nice and healthy at the start because they’ve yet to overdose on nitrogen.

Yellow spots mean that the excess nitrogen from the dog waste is starting to burn the grass. After that, it’s only a matter of time before the turf browns and dies. You’ll need to reseed brown patches if you want to see them with lush, healthy grass again.

Why Artificial Pet Turf in Portland Is Immune to Pet Waste Damage

Artificial grass is made from soft, synthetic fibers that are pet-proof. It’s neither alive nor absorbent, so dog waste can’t soak into its fibers. In short, it won’t turn yellow or brown no matter how long the urine or poop sits on its surface.

Plus, artificial grass for dogs and putting green in Portland has great drainage because it has a permeable backing that allows water to pass through easily. This means that dog pee won’t stick around as a stinky puddle that could attract bugs and host bacteria.

There might be some residue after pet urine drains through the turf, but that’s easy to rinse off. The same goes for any traces that remain after you remove pet poop. Consider making it a habit to hose down your synthetic lawn after outdoor pet playtimes.

Make Your Yard Impervious to Poop and Pee Damage With Pet Artificial Grass in Portland

If you’re looking for premium artificial grass that’s pet-proof and pet-friendly, look no further than Portland Artificial Grass. We can help you turn your yard into an easy-to-clean dog paradise!

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