7 Ways to Make Your Backyard Putting Green Fun and Kid-Friendly

Family-Friendly Putting Greens for Backyard Fun - portland

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer looking to share your passion with your children or simply looking for a fun new way to keep them active outdoors, incorporating a kids putting green into your backyard can be a fantastic option.

The synthetic turf technology of today not only allows for a professional-grade playing surface but also provides a safe and durable area for kids to play. But how can you ensure that your kids putting green is not just another boring stretch of lawn for the little ones?

Here are seven tips on how to make your putting green in Portland exciting and engaging for children:

1. Incorporate Fun and Challenging Design Elements with Putting Green

Design a putting green with playful curves, slopes, and maybe even a small sand trap or two for a fun, course-like feel. For even more excitement, consider a multi-level green with a raised platform for one of the holes, encouraging kids to experiment with uphill and downhill putts.

2. Add Colorful Markers

Use bright flags for the holes, of course, but also consider playful additions like pinwheels lining the edges of the green or painted rocks to indicate the path between holes. These little touches keep it visually engaging for kids.

3. Include Various Hole Sizes with Putting Green

Include various hole sizes in your putting green in Portland to accommodate different skill levels and ages. Smaller holes become exciting targets for older kids looking to master their precision, while a couple of larger holes offer younger ones a sense of accomplishment and the motivation to keep playing.

4. Set Up Putting Green Themed Areas

Set up themed areas around the green to create a whole mini-golf world in your backyard. A small, shaded tent with pillows and blankets provides a cozy spot for breaks. A miniature water fountain adds a whimsical touch and offers a chance to cool off. Maybe even include a small easel with drawing supplies, so creativity can flow right alongside the putts.

5. Organize Mini Tournaments

Organize mini tournaments with fun prizes or silly awards to keep things interesting. Themed tournaments are even better – think glow-in-the-dark golf on a summer night or a pirate-themed tournament complete with eye patches.

6. Plan Lessons and Practice Sessions

Plan lessons and practice sessions, but don’t forget the power of unstructured play. A putting green can be a place where a child receives focused instruction one day and tinkers around on their own the next.  Both approaches help young golfers develop their skills and a love for the game.

7. Invite Friends Over

Invite friends over and turn the putting green into a place where kids can play and connect. Organize casual games and let the kids invent new rules and challenges or host those themed mini-tournaments, where everyone walks away a winner.

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