Your Dog Will Love these Landscape Features that Use Pet Artificial Grass in Portland Yard

The outside world can be filled with potential dangers to the health and safety of your beloved pet. But the outside world also holds untold adventures for both you and your dog. Get best of both worlds of safety and excitement by using pet artificial grass for your Portland yard.

collie dog running on artificial grass

Pet-friendly Yard Features

Planning a pet-friendly yard is easy with artificial grass. It’s flexible and highly customizable and it’s also safe for the entire family. Here are a few features to add to the yard create a doggie approved haven.

Artificial Grass – Pet safe ground covering

The material used for ground covering is often overlooked when planning a dog-friendly yard. Dogs have soft pads on their paws that can get burned if the ground gets too hot. Dog paws can also get scratched if the surface has sharp corners and edges.

Provide a comfortable surface to walk and sleep on by using artificial pet turf in yards. It is soft and flexible so it’s tender on dog paws. It also doesn’t get hot enough to burn when under the sun. Overall, synthetic turf provides a safe and comfortable ground covering not just for the dog but for the entire family.  As an added bonus, artificial grass is also very easy to clean and maintain. This makes it a hassle-free option for a pet-friendly yard.

Artificial Grass – Water Feature

Dogs like to splash around in water as much as (if not more than) humans do. They’ll surely appreciate the addition of a water feature to the yard. However, adding a pond or a fountain to the yard can end up making a mess both inside and outside of the house. Unless, of course, you use artificial grass in your Portland, Oregon yard alongside the water feature.

While natural lawns tend to puddle with excess water, artificial grass does not. A built-in drainage system is part of the turf installation to avoid water collecting on the surface of the turf. No puddles means no impromptu doggie mud baths and no tedious clean up.

It is ideal to have the water feature installed prior to the artificial grass. However, seek professional help especially in cases where the water feature will be added to an existing artificial grass installation. This is to ensure that turf won’t be damaged and will be reinstalled properly.

Agility Course

A hyperactive dog can wreak havoc on a well-manicure lawn. All the running, jumping and digging will inevitably take its toll on a natural grass lawn. Instead, switch to a hardy yet comfortable material like artificial turf for a pet-friendly yard and all those worries will be a thing of the past.

Pet artificial grass in Portland is made with long wearing materials that can withstand the wear and tear of energetic dogs. Their paws will not kick up dirt while they run at top speed. Their quick turns and lunges will also not tear out patches of turf the way they would with natural grass. Artificial grass also discourages any digging tendencies simply because it is very difficult to dig up grass.

Get Your Doggie Approved Yard Today!

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