What You Should Know About Shock Pads for Artificial Grass in Portland, Oregon

Thinking of adding foam shock pad underlays to artificial grass in Portland, Oregon? If so, you’re probably interested in how they cushion falls and if they feel softer underfoot. Shock pads are definitely a worthy addition to any turf system, but chances are, you have several questions before you make the investment. Learn why so many homeowners have chosen to install foam shock pads for their artificial grass landscape.

Artificial Grass in Portland, Oregon

Answers to Top FAQs About Artificial Grass Shock Pads

Installing synthetic grass requires an upfront investment. In addition, consider the fact that your artificial lawn can last up to 10 years or more. It will be a key part of many family activities and get-togethers with family and friends. Because it will play such a huge role in your future, it pays to go all out in terms of features.

One of the most popular features for artificial grass in Portland Oregon is foam shock pads. Installers lay these under the top layer of turf as an extra level of cushioning. Interested in this addition? Here’s what you should know:

  1. Why should you install a foam underlay?

    There are several compelling reasons in favor of these pads:

    • Gives turf a soft feel underfoot
    • Provides additional protection from trips and falls
    • Prevents visible undulations under the turf when installed on existing surfaces such as decking, concrete or paving
    • Helps lawns comply with safety certifications, such as those required for public playgrounds and schools

    In short, foam underlay creates a safer and more comfortable artificial lawn. It’s also crucial for compliance, especially if you will be using your property for commercial purposes.

  2. Is it essential to use a foam shock pad?

    You don’t need to install a foam underlay if you’re only using turf for decorative purposes, such as for a garden. But if people will be using your lawn, consider installing a shock pad layer.

    There are also cases when a foam underlay is a must. One of these is if you have children at home. Another is if you live with people who have mobility issues, such as seniors. The softer surface reduces the risks of accidents and makes your yard more accessible for all.

  3. Which thickness should you choose?

    The ideal thickness for your project depends on several factors such as:

    • The level of softness you’re looking for
    • If there is any risk of falling from a height, such as from playground equipment
    • How pronounced undulations are on the existing hard surface

    Of course, a thicker foam underlay is softer and provides more excellent protection than a thinner one. Again, it ultimately depends on how you will use artificial grass. To help you make a decision, consult a synthetic grass expert in Portland.

Learn More About the Unique Features of Artificial Grass

Explore more features for your synthetic grass installation project with our team! Whether you’re interested in an artificial yard, pet run or a putting green in Portland, one thing’s for sure. You’ll never look back once you discover the beauty and hassle-free nature of artificial grass. Call Portland Artificial Grass today at 408-317-0931 to discuss your project.

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