Unlock These 5 Workouts With Artificial Grass in Portland, Oregon Home Gyms

It’s understandable to be bored with your home workouts. But what’s not forgivable is letting yourself lose all the gains you’ve painstakingly earned over the past months. Get back on track by improving the aesthetics of your gym and installing artificial grass in Portland, Oregon. This won’t only liven up space but also unlock new workouts to spice up your routine. Unlock These 5 Workouts Oregon Home Gyms

5 New Exercises to Do on Artificial Grass

Synthetic grass is long lasting and hard-wearing. It provides the right traction for you to try bolder health and fitness workouts, such as:

1. Weighted Sled

The sled is meant to drag on the ground at long distances. But this will leave skid marks and damage the equipment if not done on the right surface.

To protect your sled and prevent damaging your floor, do it on synthetic grass. It’s perfect for this workout since it can take a beating.

To accommodate the size of the sled, install a wide strip of grass. You can even paint it to mark distances and lanes.

2. Agility Ladder

Agility ladder exercises are done quickly and in multiple directions. The speed they require may lead you to unintentionally kick or move the rungs out of place, interrupting your set.

Doing it on artificial grass in Portland, Oregon not only minimizes impact to your feet every time you land. The blades also help anchor the ladder in place.

A long, thin strip of grass provides enough room for you to lay your agility ladder. Try installing it toward the center of your gym, as it can also be used as a marker to separate sections of the room.

3. Jumprope

Skipping rope doesn’t require a lot of space. When done with the correct form, you can jump at the same spot throughout the entire set.

For this reason, you can install a mid-sized section of turf in your gym. This will serve as a cushion that helps your feet absorb the impact of each jump.

4. Cone Drills

These agility workouts are typically done on fields with the texture of putting green in Portland. It gives runners a firm grasp of the surface when they make quick turns.

Synthetic turf is the perfect surface for cone drills since it’s non-slip, helping you break your momentum at the right time. It also reduces noise so you don’t have to hear the annoying squeaking of your shoes.

Customize your turf to add lanes and mark distances. This way, you only have to lay down the cones with every new set.

5. Battle Ropes

Battle ropes need to be done on a surface that can tolerate consistent, high impact battering. This protects the equipment from wear and tear.

Having synthetic turf prevents early damage and costly repairs to compact floors. Position it near a stationary hook where you can anchor your battle ropes.

Minimizing tension while swinging the ropes is also important to prevent injuries. The blades of the turf each serve as a shock absorber that lessens the impact on your arms.

Fire Up Your Workouts With Artificial Grass

Synthetic grass doesn’t just brighten up a dark and drab gym. It also has the right balance of smoothness and resistance to keep your muscles on fire. Call 971-290-5078 to talk to a synthetic grass expert in Portland about modernizing your gym with synthetic turf.

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