The Ultimate Benefits of Installing Pet Artificial Grass in Portland for the Backyard

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Give your pets a more comfortable playing and resting space by installing pet artificial grass in Portland for the backyard.  While dogs are more accustomed to natural grass surfaces, high-quality synthetic turf is so realistic; your dogs won’t be able to tell the difference. Make the switch to artificial grass and transform your lawn into a lush, pet-friendly haven that you and your dogs will surely love!

Why Pet-Friendly Synthetic Turf is Perfect for Your Backyard

Imagine an outdoor space that is free of holes, dead grass, emanating odor and yellow spots. Pests, allergens and natural lawn upkeep will be a thing of the past when you install synthetic turf!

Artificial grass has numerous characteristics that make it the best flooring option for your indoor and outdoor space. Here’s why more and more homeowners are choosing pet-friendly synthetic grass over its natural counterpart.

  • It makes your house an ideal location for gatherings.

Backyard parties provide the perfect opportunity to get to know your neighbors and their furry companions. Artificial turf is durable and can a handle high volume of foot traffic, making it the ideal surface for hosting a large number of guests. In addition, synthetic lawn provides a soft surface for both recreational and time-out area for when the dogs need a break from the festivities.

  • It has flexible applications.

Pet-friendly artificial turf is not only suitable for plain lawns or dog runs. Highly-trained installers can craft beautiful spaces using this turf, from a lush poolside patio to the best putting green in Portland. This is because synthetic grass comes in a variety of sizes and length, depending on your needs. With accurate landscape design, you and your canine companion will surely spend more time playing on the backyard.

  • It remains evergreen, no matter the weather.

Synthetic turf retains its vibrant, green color even after prolonged exposure to elements. This is because the natural color pigments of green artificial grass are embedded in the polyethylene blades, preventing discoloration. Now you and your pooch don’t have to wait for the season to change to regain your lawn’s “well-manicured” look and enjoy its lush surface!

  • It has excellent longevity.

Real grass lawns are susceptible to damage caused by a dog’s frequent running and digging. With synthetic grass, you get blades that are damage-resistant. Artificial grass returns to its original form after brushing. It is also dirt-free, preventing your dog from digging and destroying the perfectly flat surface. Covered by a 15-year warranty, your synthetic lawn will stay as fresh as the day it was installed for years to come!

  • It makes your home appealing to pet owners and homebuyers.

Installing pet artificial grass in Portland for the backyard is a good property investment, especially if you decide to sell your house in the future. Homebuyers who are also pet owners favor houses that have pet-friendly areas. This is because it reduces the need for renovation once they move into their new home. Synthetic grass installations also increase home value, especially if they are crafted uniquely and beautifully.

Choose Pet-Friendly Synthetic Turf for Your Home!

With the advantages that artificial grass presents, you’ll never think twice about revamping your natural grass lawn. Because of technological advancements, synthetic turf can now offer you and your pooch the beauty of natural grass, without the hassles of upkeep!

Make your residential landscape shine with the help of Portland Artificial Grass! As the green synthetic grass expert in Portland, we are committed to providing you with turf installations that will beautify your home and satisfy your family and pets. Call us at 408-317-0931 today to get a FREE quote on your backyard project!

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