The Benefits of a Backyard Putting Green in Portland for Children

Mention a backyard putting green in Portland, and most people will associate it with pro golfers and serious fans of the sport. However, the advantages of golf don’t just apply to adults. From enjoying more physical exercise to developing sportsmanship, backyard putting greens also offer tremendous benefits to children.

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Benefits of Synthetic Putting Greens for Children

It takes something special to entice kids to play outdoors because most prefer playing with their gadgets. Up the fun factor of your friendly backyard by installing a putting green! This popular yard upgrade comes with kid-friendly advantages:

• Encourages children to play outside

One of the top benefits of having a putting green in Portland is that it’s such a fun way to spend a day in the yard. Kids play to practice their swing, run around on the soft turf to get to each hole and have a little competition to see which one can score the highest.

To make the green even more appealing to children, why not turn it into a mini-golf course? Get flags in their favorite colors and add some challenges. You can even do a themed putt-putt course with their favorite cartoon characters! The sky’s the limit when you’re working with turf because it’s such a versatile material.

• Develops their social skills

Children bond well over games, and playing with friends in your backyard putting green helps them develop better social skills.

For instance, they learn how to share by taking turns swinging the club. They can also learn sportsmanship during the times when they don’t win. With a backyard putting green, your children can become more social and grow closer to their friends.

• Strengthens their cognitive skills

Aside from having fun, playing on a putting green also helps children develop critical thinking skills.

Golf is a game of strategy. For instance, they’ll have to calculate the force of their swing to get the ball where they want it to be. If you go with a mini-golf course design, they also have to think about how to get through the challenges on the course.

More Kid-Friendly Benefits of Artificial Grass Putting Green

Beyond playing the game, artificial grass in Portland, Oregon allows you to turn your yard into a kid-friendly space. Here are some reasons why turf is such great material for children’s play areas:

  • Non-toxic and hypoallergenic
  • Can withstand the weight of playground equipment without sustaining damage
  • Easy to clean spills and stains from playtime
  • Don’t need chemical fertilizers, weedicides, pesticides and other toxic lawn care chemicals
  • Shock-absorbent layer cushions trips and falls
  • Mud-free

To top it off, synthetic turf also gives you a beautiful, low-maintenance landscape. It can last for many years with minimal care while retaining its fresh, green tones and lush surface.

Get Started with Your Putting Green Synthetic Grass Project

The benefits of artificial turf go beyond child-friendly applications. It’s a fantastic choice for pet runs, gardens, commercial facilities, venues, indoors and so much more. Learn more about this versatile material with Portland Artificial Grass, the leading synthetic grass expert in Portland. Call us today at 408-317-0931 for a free quote!

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