Stop Paying for These 3 Expenses with a Synthetic Landscape and Putting Green in Portland

When it comes to installing a synthetic backyard putting green in Portland, you may be hesitating due to budget concerns. That’s totally understandable, especially when you already have a natural lawn.

Anyone who’s dealt with real grass knows how expensive it can be. It takes up a large amount of your water bill, and you have to regularly buy fertilizers and other lawn care materials to keep it healthy and alive. Don’t have the time to care for your yard on your own? Be ready to pay for professional lawn maintenance.

A natural landscape is already costly enough to maintain. Want a putting green with very precise maintenance requirements to remain healthy and playable? Here’s the good news— you’re actually in for a world of savings when you switch to artificial grass!

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Eliminate These 3 Expenses with Synthetic Grass

Artificial grass in Portland, Oregon may require an upfront investment, but it pays for itself over time. Go synthetic, and you’ll never have to pay for these expenses again:

1. An Expensive Water Bill Due to Your Lawn

Struggling to pay your water bill every month? Your natural lawn may be the culprit. Real grass is always thirsty, and more so during hot months. In contrast, synthetic putting greens and landscapes stay evergreen and vibrant. They never need water aside from the occasional rinsing for spills. Watch your water bills eventually get lower after you make the switch!

2. Lawn Care Chemicals

Real grass is vulnerable to insect infestations, burrowing and digging pests, and weeds. Keeping a natural lawn healthy requires frequent application of pesticides, herbicides, weedicides and fertilizers to keep these unwanted critters and plants at bay.

Unfortunately, lawn care chemicals are expensive, especially if you have a sizable yard. Not only can you scratch this off your backyard maintenance budget when you switch to artificial grass, but you also decrease the amount of exposure to toxic chemicals.

3. Yard Care Equipment

Not only does it take a lot of time to maintain grass, but you also need numerous equipment and tools too. A lawnmower to keep the grass low, fertilizer applicators, automatic sprinklers, shovels and shears are just some of the things you need to adequately care for your lawn.

It takes money to buy or rent this equipment, and you’ll need them as long as you have real grass. You also need to pay for fuel for your lawnmower. When you get a synthetic landscape or putting green in Portland, you can remove these expenses from your budget.

You need very few tools to maintain turf. A hose for rinsing it out occasionally, a stiff brush to keep the blades upright, and a leaf blower if you don’t want to pick up debris manually— that’s basically the only things you need once you have turf!

Talk to a Expert in Portland Today

Aside from offering amazing savings, synthetic grass can also turn your yard into a safer, more fun and less stressful part of your home. Ready to make your backyard the best part of your home? Let’s talk – call Portland Artificial Grass today at 971-290-5078!

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