Level Up Your Golf Play Experience with a Realistic, Synthetic Putting Green in Portland

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Relive the feeling of playing on a golf course with a synthetic putting green in Portland. Unlike a natural grass course, it does not need as much watering or trimming, so you can focus on honing your swings and strategies. You get the same type of play and golf atmosphere in the comfort of your home!

How Artificial Putting Green Offers Realistic Golf Play

Advances in technology and improvement in installation techniques have made putting greens better than ever. Invest in a synthetic putting green, and you’ll no longer have to drive up a cart just to improve your skills. Every game is just a stroll away. You’ll also save on money and gas for trips to the golf course.

Discover the game-changing traits of putting greens made from the top-quality artificial grass in Portland, Oregon:

  • Offers Realistic Ball Roll Quality

Artificial putting green turf is engineered to follow the flow and play of the game on an actual golf course. It’s why it offers the same shot accuracy as those found in professional golf clubs. With a home putting green, you can prepare for actual games knowing that the roll speed on your putting green is the same as the one in your upcoming tournament.

  • Enables Customized Installations

Synthetic putting greens can be personalized to provide optimum roll speed and cater to the specific needs of golfers. Turf installers can add elevation, slopes, obstacles and tee boxes at different locations. They can also incorporate golf bunkers into the design to test the golfer’s ability to swing from the sand. These custom features add to the game’s authentic feel.

  • Utilizes Special Sand Infill

Synthetic turf is treated with an infill of top-quality 30 grit sand. This keeps the installation from clumping, breaking and hardening. With this unique sand infill, you’ll get finely designed green that is aesthetically pleasing and perfect for numerous games.

  • Uses Actual Golf Course Cups

High-quality putting green in Portland utilizes aluminum cups instead of plastic cups, which are easily clogged with debris. With aluminum cups, you will hear that familiar dropping sound your ball makes on a perfect shot.

  • Accommodates Professional Strength Flags

No golf course is complete without flags. Excellent putting green installations use denier flags, just like in your local country club. The authenticity of these course staples will help you get your head in the game, concentrate on your goal and boost your strokes.

Get the Authentic Golfing Experience Now!

Invest in a synthetic grass putting green to spend less time on upkeep and more time on your game! Choose top-quality artificial turf to mimic the qualities of an actual golf course.

Let Portland Artificial Grass install your putting green for you. Our team of experts will help you come up with the perfect landscape. Aside from golf courses, we also specialize in installations using artificial pet turf in Portland. Our synthetic grass products have the following properties:

  • UV-treated synthetic turf to avoid fading
  • Lush green grass throughout the year
  • Resistance temperature changes
  • Efficient drainage
  • Superb playability even when wet

Treat yourself to endless rounds of golf right in your backyard! Call 408-317-0931 now for a FREE quote on your project.

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