Jazz Up Your Yard! 4 Landscaping Ideas to Try with Artificial Grass in Portland, Oregon

Is your lawn looking a little outdated? Have a lawn makeover using artificial grass in Portland, Oregon! The rich, green tones of artificial grass plus its lush texture make it the perfect foundation for creative landscaping. Try some of these winning ideas and breathe new life into your lawn!

kids outdoor artificial grass playground

4 Brilliant Landscaping Ideas Using Artificial Grass

Synthetic turf isn’t just beautiful. It’s unbelievably versatile, too. Unlike real grass, you don’t have to wait for the seeds to grow so you can begin shaping your dream yard. No need to maintain it either – no watering, fertilizing, weeding, mowing and more – just to keep it looking good before and after landscaping.

With the help of a synthetic grass expert in Portland, you can have a total redesign in no time. Get inspiration from the following design ideas:

1. Experiment with ornate and geometric designs

Take the latest interior design patterns and bring them to your backyard! Landscape designers are incorporating basketweave, lattice, wave designs and textured materials into the layout of their lawns.

Turf is a great candidate for this trend because you can easily incorporate it with various materials. You don’t have to worry about upkeep, such as keeping real grass alive between intricate patterns. Feel free to combine materials like natural stones and porcelain tiles to recreate popular designs like chevron patterns by combining them with artificial grass!

2. Try out contemporary aesthetics

Contemporary aesthetics like sleek lines, minimalist designs and neutral colors like greys and whites are popping up in many residential lawns.

A modern look blends perfectly with artificial grass in Portland, Oregon. The lively green shades add just the right pop of color to keep the visuals interesting in a contemporary backyard.

3. Kitchen Gardens are In

Many homeowners go beyond aesthetics in their backyards. As the trends towards a greener and healthier lifestyles continue, more and more people are adopting “kitchen gardens” in their homes.

Wondering if you can plant edible plants in synthetic yard? The answer is yes! You can arrange planter boxes and pots to create a thriving garden. As a bonus, you never have to worry about keeping your grass alive because turf needs almost no maintenance.

4. Create a Kids’ Outdoor Paradise

To encourage children to spend more time outside, designing kid-friendlier gardens is becoming more popular.

Instead of just creating a picture-perfect lawn, consider adding creative play spaces for your little ones. Think mini gardens, splash pads, kiddie obstacle courses or a mini putting green in Portland!

Refresh Your Backyard with Artificial Grass!

The possibilities are virtually endless when you’re working with artificial grass. Whether you want a child-oriented landscape, an outdoor oasis or a yard you can enjoy with your furry pals, we can make that happen with turf. Let Portland Artificial Grass help you achieve the landscape of your dreams. Call us at 971-290-5078 for a free estimate!


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