How Well Does a Synthetic Putting Green in Portland Handle Rain?

Rain-Resistant Features of a Synthetic Putting Green

When it rains, it pours. If you own an artificial putting green in Portland, you have nothing to worry about, though. Drizzle, rain, heavy storms – a synthetic putting green will deliver the same high-level performance through it all. Here’s why:

What Happens to Artificial Grass in Portland, Oregon When It Rains?

Basically, nothing. It gets wet, it drains, and then it’s done. 

Artificial grass has hundreds of tiny holes that drain water as quickly as it comes into contact with it. All of that gets funneled into the base layer, usually made of graded gravel, which continues to direct water away from the surface of the putting green. Finally, all of that water flows out of your property and into your area’s general drainage system.

No matter how hard it rains, none of it stays long on a synthetic putting green. This also prevents common drainage issues on natural grass, such as puddling and flooding.

Complete Water-resistance

Unlike real grass, synthetic putting greens don’t absorb or hold on to moisture in any way. That’s why it never gets soggy or muddy, even after several days of continuous wet weather.

Weather-resistant Construction

Due to our challenging climate, a synthetic putting green in Portland has to be pretty much indestructible. And it is – artificial grass is durable enough to remain undamaged by prolonged drought, heavy snowfall, violent winds, and nonstop rain. A major reason is their construction. The best synthetic putting greens are made of polypropylene fibers stitched into the backing and reinforced by polyurethane glue.

Combine that with professional installation, and you have a beautiful, long-lasting and high-performing practice surface that stays that way all year long.

How to Take Care of Synthetic Putting Greens After Rain

While the rain itself won’t damage your artificial putting green, we recommend cleaning the surface after particularly heavy storms.

Follow these steps:

#1. Wait for rainwater to drain from the synthetic grass. Since synthetic turf can drain several inches of water a minute, this will not take long.

#2. Pick up leaves, broken twigs, and debris from your putting green. Otherwise, they can rot and lead to odor-build up.

#3. If your putting green still looks a little dirty, give it a good rinse. Using a garden hose, spray down the entire surface of your putting green. Spray from different angles to make sure all dirt is removed from the grass fibers.

#4. Let the sun do its job and wait for your putting green to dry out. or, play on it immediately. It’s going to be ready for you either way!

Enjoy Backyard Golf No Matter the Season

Synthetic putting greens look and play like the real thing, but unlike their natural counterparts, harsh weather has no lasting impact on these installations. 

If you are interested in getting a putting green for your home, look no further than Portland Artificial Grass.

Consider your dream of putting green done once a synthetic grass expert from our Portland team starts handling the job.

Call us now at 408-317-0931 or send us a message, and let’s get the ball rolling with a FREE consultation and quote!

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