Easy Container Gardening Tips for Artificial Grass in Portland, Oregon

One of the best things about artificial grass in Portland Oregon is the versatility it lends gardens. This is especially true for those with small spaces— when you don’t have to worry about keeping grass alive, you get to be more creative with your garden design.

On that note, one of 2021’s most popular gardening trends is container gardening. It’s perfect for artificial lawns, because you don’t have to worry about crushing the grass underneath your pots and planters. Here’s a quick primer on container gardens and how to create one in your synthetic yard.

Gardening Tips on An Artificial Lawn

What are container gardens?

It refers to growing plants or flowers in pots or containers, instead of directly in the ground. The containers can be focal points themselves or grouped together to follow a certain theme.

Benefits of Container Gardening on Artificial Grass

  • You can use heavy pots and planters without damaging your synthetic lawn.
  • Rearrange your plants and flowers any time without having to uproot anything.
  • You can focus on caring for your garden instead of taking care of your natural lawn.
  • No mud is created every time you water your pots.
  • There’s no natural grass to compete against your plants for water, sunlight and nutrients.
  • No pests or lawn diseases to infect your garden.
  • Got kids or pets? Feel free to use heavier raised planters and containers to keep them out of reach without flattening the surrounding area.

3 Container Gardening Tips on An Artificial Lawn

  • 1. Think about the containers.

    When it comes to gardens, we often think about the plants first. In a container garden, however, the pots and planters are as important as what you plant in them.

    Pots are a common choice, but don’t be afraid to choose whimsical containers like watering cans, barrels or boxes. In addition, make sure they’re large enough for your plants. Again, don’t worry about damaging artificial grass with the weight of your containers, because it can easily withstand heavy items.

  • 2. Choose your plants carefully.

    Just like a regular garden, think about the height, color and texture of your plants. You can follow themes like an all-succulent garden or choose evergreens and small shrubs for a more sophisticated look. Herbs are also an excellent choice, because they’re attractive, smell nice and taste delicious as well!

  • 3. Create a seating area.

    Finally, don’t forget to set out a few chairs and tables where you can relax and enjoy your new container garden. If you love hosting get-togethers, consider installing a Portland putting green for additional entertainment.

    Additionally, fire pits and grills are fine to use on an artificial lawn, but make sure to place them on some form of hardscape a short distance away to prevent embers from melting the fibers. To help you create a safe design, talk to our synthetic grass expert in Portland.

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Container gardens are just one of the many ways you can spruce up an artificial lawn. Check out the following for more inspiration:

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