Dog-Proof Your Lawn with Pet Artificial Grass in Portland

Want a yard that’s beautiful but tough enough to survive the antics of your dogs? For many pet owners, the solution is simple— install pet artificial grass in Portland.

It’s very durable, so it’ll stay lush and vibrant even if you give your canines free rein over your yard. In addition, it gets rid of most dog-related lawn problems for good.

Dog-Proof Your Lawn with Pet Artificial Grass in Portland

How Artificial Grass Stops Your Dog From Ruining Your Yard

From answering nature’s call to digging up holes, dogs can ruin a well-kept yard in a matter of minutes. That’s so many dog owners eventually give up on ever having a beautiful lawn.

On the verge of letting your backyard go to the dogs? Don’t give up just yet! Artificial grass is changing the game for Portland pet owners.

Once you make the switch, you never have to deal with your dog causing these issues again:

  • Yellow and Dead Grass

    Pet urine can burn grass because of its high nitrogen content. It’s why your canines’ favorite potty spot eventually turns yellow, brown or bare.

    Unlike natural grass, urine has no effect on synthetic turf. Once you rinse or wash the area your dogs peed on, the turf will look green as new.

  • Holes and Upturned Turf

    Dogs dig to hide their treasures, follow an intriguing scent or create a cool spot to nap on. More often than not, they just think it’s fun. Either way, it leaves you with a pockmarked that’s both ugly and a fire hazard.

    Digging holes is an instinct, so don’t blame your furry excavator for it. Instead, nip the problem in the bud with artificial grass in Portland, Oregon.

    Those paws won’t be able to break through the tough backing. They can try to dig all day long, but they’ll get tired and ready for naptime long before artificial grass even shows any signs of damage.

  • Urine Residue

    Tired of dealing with muddy and smelly urine spots around your yard? Install synthetic turf and you can forget all about it. Artificial grass comes with a drainage system that drains excess moisture immediately.

Other Practical and Pet-Friendly Benefits of Artificial Grass

Synthetic turf can help you save even more money, time and effort in the long run. You never have to do or spend money on the following:

  • Daily watering
  • Applying pesticides and weedicides
  • Applying fertilizers
  • Seeding

Additionally, pet artificial grass in Portland can also withstand the harshest weather conditions. Even the hottest days, heaviest downpours and snowfalls can’t damage it.

Synthetic turf is also paw-friendly, so it poses no danger to your dogs’ soft paws. Because it covers the ground completely, it helps protect their foot pads from rocks and other sharp surfaces.

Enjoy the Perfect Yard for You and Your Dog

Your yard should be a relaxing place for both you and your dogs. Investing in artificial pet turf in Portland makes that possible.

At Portland Artificial Grass, we love working with pet owners and their canine companions. From agility courses to dog runs, we can help you create a dog-friendly yard you and your pet will love. Call Portland Artificial Grass now at 408-317-0931 to receive a free quote!

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