Creative Ways of Using Pet Artificial Grass in Portland Without a Backyard

Gone are the days when synthetic turf is only used for front lawns and backyards. Today, you can use it in so many applications including indoors. It’s particularly useful for urban dwellers who don’t have a backyard. In fact, you can enjoy the benefits of pet artificial grass in Portland even if you live in an apartment with no garden. Thanks to its versatility, it fits nicely in small, city spaces especially these four spots.

indoor artificial grass play area - Portland Artificial Grass

How to Use Pet Turf When You Don’t Have a Yard

Unlike real grass, turf is more lightweight and can be shaped to fit areas of any shape and size. Here are the following ways you can use artificial grass for pets when you do not have a backyard in your home:

1. Create an indoor pet playroom with synthetic turf.

Artificial grass in Portland, Oregon requires low maintenance, making it the perfect carpet when creating a playroom for your dog. Grass flooring also simulates an outdoor park atmosphere, enticing them to play while keeping them safe inside. You can bring the outdoors indoors no matter the flooring material of the room you are planning to revamp.

2. Carpet your balcony with turf.

A balcony is probably the closest you can have as an outdoor space when you’re living in an apartment. Consider transforming your urban terrace into a little pet-friendly garden with synthetic turf. It is a practical decision, given that it’s almost impossible to take care of living grass in tight terraces. Add a little sunning spot for your dog, a few toys and their treat and water bowl, and they now have their private fun space overlooking the city.

3. Incorporate green in your side yard.

If you only have a side yard instead of a full lawn, you already have what you need for your pet’s outdoor paradise! Sideyards are often neglected and used as a space to place garbage cans or park bicycles. You can revamp your side yard by incorporating turf. Add a dog house in one end to give your dog a cozy spot to lounge in. For the rest of the family, you can also install a mini putting green in your Portland side yard so everyone can have fun!

4. Set up a designated pet area.

When you live in an apartment in the city, it can be challenging to clean up after your pet. Hence, consider laying synthetic turf in an area where they can play and use it as their bathroom. You can clean it easily just by hosing it down with water. It’s also a good way to house break them without damaging your furniture and flooring.

Transform Your Apartment with Synthetic Turf Interior Design

Contrary to common misconceptions, homeowners without a backyard can benefit from landscaping and pet artificial grass in Portland. Smart designs and careful planning will transform your apartment into a functional green space that fits your children and pet’s needs. To get started with the project, call Portland Artificial Grass today at 971-290-5078 and get a quote!

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