Bunkers and Your Backyard Putting Green in Portland: What You Need to Know

When you decide to install a backyard putting green in Portland, you naturally have high expectations. We get it! You’re making this investment so you can perfect your putting skills and play anytime you want. For many of our clients, it’s also a way to privately master challenges often found on commercial golf courses such as bunkers.

If your backyard has room for a bunker in or near your putting green, we definitely recommend going for it. It’s a great way to practice difficult shots without having to pay hefty fees at your local club.

Bunkers and Your Backyard Putting Green in Portland

What exactly is a bunker?

It’s a type of golf course hazard. In general, it’s a depressed area that’s filled with sand. As a result, it’s usually hard to maneuver for novice golfers used to playing on flat grass surfaces.

Here’s some fun trivia for you: bunkers are designed to mimic the game’s original conditions when golf was invented in the 1600s. Sandpits and natural holes formed over time, creating hazards that would trap the ball and make it harder to score. Today, you can find bunkers in the middle or at the sides of fairways.

How do installers create sand bunkers on artificial turf?

To design a bunker, installers will dig a depression first. Then, the next step is adding layers to create a slope. They can either use sand to fill the bunker or cover it with artificial grass to create the feel of a rough. Installers can also customize the shape, slope, and depth of your bunker to fit the level of difficulty you’re looking for.

Ultimately, the final design is up to you, so make sure to discuss your preferences with your synthetic grass expert in Portland.

What types of shots and clubs can you use in a bunker zone?

Note that some types of bunker sand can be abrasive to your golf equipment. Therefore, consider both the depth of the ball and the grade of the sand to decide what bunker shot to use.

For instance, use a light wedge or club plus shorter and softer strokes for very thin sand. On the other hand, use a longer, more powerful stroke if the sand is dense. Typically, this type of stroke creates a deeper pivot, so you would need to execute this swing with a heavier wedge or club.

How much putting green space will you need for bunkers?

Consider going for a classic kidney-shaped backyard putting green if you’d like to add a bunker to your installation. If you have even more extra space, you can place it next to your putting green instead.

Got a small yard? While space can be a limiting factor, feel free to tell your installers that you’re interested in a bunker. In many cases, it’s possible to adjust the design of a small putting green to accommodate these features.

No matter where you decide to have your bunker, artificial grass in Portland, Oregon will not interrupt ball roll. As a result, you get to play as if you’re in an actual golf course, but in the comfort of your backyard.

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