Artificial Grass in Portland Oregon: 3 Backyard Improvements to Try This Summer!

artificial grass backyard ideas

Summer— peak season for BBQs, swimming in the pool and just relaxing outside in the sunshine. Thanks to the nice weather, it’s also the perfect time to revamp your yard. If you don’t have artificial grass in Portland Oregon yet, that should be on top of your list.

A synthetic lawn is the best way to keep your lawn looking lush and fresh all year long. Especially during the summer, you’ll love the following benefits of artificial turf:

  • No more wasting (and paying for) gallons of water just to irrigate your lawn
  • Stays green no matter how hot the days get
  • No need to mow and trim your lawn in the heat (or anytime at all!)
  • No insects like mosquitoes to crash your get togethers

In short, you can finally enjoy a carefree summer with a beautiful lawn to relax and have fun in. Switching to artificial grass also means you can focus on improving your lawn instead of trying to keep it alive. We’ve gathered some landscaping ideas to get you started!

Three Summer Upgrades for Your Synthetic Yard

Before starting the redesign, it helps to list down your ideas first. Feel free to use one, all or simply take your favorite elements from the ideas below:

1. Use artificial grass to “grow” a vertical garden

This is a great idea for homeowners with small backyards. Don’t have a lot of space to plant your vertical garden? Look up! Literally.

Vertical gardens typically use hydroponics and are mounted on suspended panels. Synthetic turf makes it easier. For example, you can ask your synthetic grass expert in Portland to cover an entire wall with the right synthetic grass product. Then, fill upright containers, small pots or wall vases with herbs and other flowering plants. You can also use wall planters for trailing plants such as Begonia if you want to achieve a greenery waterfall. Consider purchasing pot rings to elevate some of your flowers and plants in the patio.

2. Follow a minimalist theme with artificial grass

Modern designs never go out of style. More and more homeowners install synthetic turf in their lawn due to the neat, clean corners it offers. As a result, it’s easy to achieve a contemporary garden using artificial grass versus natural turf.

Minimalist styles focus more on function instead of decorations. For instance, you can add a modern water or fire feature in your outdoor space. Keep the outdoor furniture to a minimum, but make sure they can accommodate both family and guests (i.e. long benches vs. individual chairs). You can also combine synthetic turf products with hardscapes like pathways, decorative boulders and river rocks.

3. Experiment with textures and geometric schemes

Geometric and ornate schemes will not only look good as an interior design, but they are also a great addition to your lawn. For example, consider replacing your old pots with basketweave designs, lattice and other textured materials.

Porcelain tiles that can be found in bathrooms are now appearing in walkways and patios. Instead of a plain pathway, use a colorful tile mosaic to outline the path through your property. Don’t be afraid to go crazy with the designs and combinations. Virtually everything looks good against the highest quality artificial grass background!

Revitalize Your Backyard with Artificial Grass in Portland Oregon

Transform your average lawn into a head-turning, functional green space that requires little to no maintenance! As a Portland synthetic grass expert, Portland Artificial Grass has helped thousands of homeowners bring their backyards to life. Aside from landscaping, we also offer synthetic turf installations for playgrounds to dog runs, pool surrounds, putting greens and more. Call us at 408-317-0931 for a FREE consultation and quote!

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