An In-Depth Guide to Installing Artificial Grass in Portland, Oregon Near Trees and Plants

You can never go wrong with using artificial grass in Portland, Oregon for landscaping. It looks great wherever it’s installed and is a breeze to maintain, giving you a picture-perfect lawn that doesn’t need these costly grass care expenses to stay lush and vibrant.

Don’t want to uproot or relocate the trees and plants in your yard to make way for a synthetic lawn? We have good news for you! With the help of professional installers, it’s possible to integrate artificial grass with your existing vegetation. You just need to plan your project carefully.

An In-Depth Guide to Installing Artificial Grass in Portland, Oregon Near Trees and Plants

Does Artificial Grass Affect Plants and Trees?

It depends on how the ground is prepared and how the synthetic turf is laid down. If either or both of these steps are done poorly, the installation may affect the plants and trees close to it.

Ground preparation typically involves:

  • Removing the existing turf
  • Applying weed control solutions and/or installing a weed barrier
  • Spreading crushed stone or sand to improve drainage
  • Leveling the surface with a power compacter to ensure it’s flat and even
  • Laying down a shock-absorbent material
  • Installing the artificial grass

For instance, if the amount of crushed stone or sand used in the preparation is not enough to facilitate efficient drainage, then the moisture absorbed by the synthetic turf may spill over to nearby plants. This could lead to overwatering, which can kill your vegetation.

Note that the ground preparation steps may vary depending on the turf type you’re installing. Pet artificial grass in Portland, for instance, often comes with a deodorizing infill. How this element is integrated into your landscape may also affect surrounding greeneries.

The actual artificial grass, meanwhile, must not be placed too close to trees and plants. The exact allowable distance varies depending on the vegetation. Some plants need a lot of space to thrive, while others don’t. Research the needs of your yard greeneries to make sure.

What to Consider When Installing Artificial Grass Near Plants

Take note of the factors below when you plan your synthetic turf lawn to ensure a hassle-free integration. Any synthetic grass expert in Portland would ask you to consider these elements, and taking note of them ahead of time will let you speed up your project consultation.

• The Existing Plants and Trees

Some types of plants are not compatible with synthetic grass. Bamboo, for instance, grows offshoots that can penetrate artificial turf. Make sure to research the plants and trees in the immediate areas around your installation site well.

• The Types of Synthetic Grass

Be selective of your artificial turf. Ideally, it should look good with your existing greeneries. If you have small plants, make sure your synthetic turf is not dense or high enough to obscure them.

Turn Your Yard Into an Evergreen Wonderland

Plan out the details of your landscape design using this comprehensive guide, then let Portland Artificial Grass handle your synthetic turf installation. Our professional installers have years of experience working around trees and plants. Expect your artificial grass in Portland, Oregon to look like it’s a natural part of your yard once our capable team is done.

Achieve your dream landscape quickly when having the professionals do it. Call us now at 971-290-5078 to schedule an appointment with our experts.

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