5 Ways to Make Your Turf Last Longer From a Synthetic Grass Expert in Portland

Synthetic Grass Expert in Portland Reveals How to Make Turf Last Longer

Artificial grass is one of the most popular landscaping options today. After all, every synthetic grass expert in Portland can attest that it looks great, needs little maintenance and lasts up to 10 years or more.

But like any other groundcover, it can develop issues over time, depending on how you use it. Here are some of the problems that artificial grass can have and what you can do to fix them and make your turf last longer:

Address Degrading Turf Fibers

What causes artificial grass fibers to degrade?

Several factors can cause artificial grass fibers to degrade. The most common ones are excessive UV ray exposure, infill migration, pet urine, and consistent wear and tear on the turf.

How to fix?

Fix Turf degradation by replacing the infill material or repairing the dead spots where pet urine has accumulated. Repairing worn-out areas by adding additional infill also works.

How can it be prevented?

Prevent degradation by having expert installers replace the infill material periodically. You can also rake the turf regularly and brush new infill materials.

Some dog owners use a dog potty system that does not require any type of infill material and is also antimicrobial for odor control.

Replace Worn-Out Infill Material

What causes infill materials to wear out?

The heat of the summer months, excessive use and high foot traffic can break down infill materials. This can make your grass look dull and flat.

How to fix?

Replace the worn-down infill with new sand or rubber granules. If you choose to use sand, make sure you get silica sand with round edges, not sharp-edged ones, otherwise, it can cut into your artificial grass fibers.

How can it be prevented?

Raking or brushing the artificial grass in Portland Oregon regularly can help prevent excessive amounts of infill breakdown. How often you need to fluff up your turf will depend on the amount of use and foot traffic it gets.

Get Rid of Water Pooling on Artificial Grass

What causes water puddles on artificial grass?

Most of the time, water pools on artificial grass because of poor installation. Water will run off and not drain properly if the base not correctly installed.

How to fix?

You’ll have to call expert installers who will likely remove the synthetic turf and fix the base. If a poorly prepared base is not what’s causing puddles, they’ll be able to pinpoint the exact cause and address it.

How can it be prevented?

The best way to prevent water pooling is by hiring professional artificial turf installers. They’ll know how to ensure proper drainage. Depending on your setup, they might recommend additional drainage pipes or channels for extra drainage.

Call Installers If the Turf Is Separating From the Base

What causes the synthetic turf to separate from the base layer?

If you’ve laid down a new lawn, it’s possible that your turf has simply been laid too loosely. Laying artificial grass over sand or gravel and you haven’t packed it down properly, this could be causing your artificial pet turf in Portland to come away from the base layer.

How to fix?

Professional installers can check properly compact base layer. They’ll also determine where the correct depth of sand or infill, which should be around 25mm. How they’ll fix the issue would depend on their findings.

How can it be prevented?

Make sure your compacting a base layer first before laying down artificial grass. You should also consider adding a weed membrane. Expert installers can make sure both done perfectly.

Fix Sunken Patches of Turf

What causes the synthetic turf to sink in some areas?

There are several reasons why patches of turf can sink, such as having a loose or inconsistent base layer, the grass not having enough ballast and infill not evenly distributed.

How to fix?

To get rid of the sunken patches, expert installers can lay down more ballast at the back of the grass. If this does not solve the problem, they may need to remove the turf and start over again with a new base.

How can it be prevented?

To prevent this from happening, make sure the soil under your installation is compacted and the infill is spread evenly.

Enjoy a Long-Lasting, Problem-Free Lawn With the Help of a Synthetic Grass Expert in Portland

The best way to ensure that you won’t have to deal with most of these problems is by letting professionals install your artificial grass.

With years of training and experience under our belt, you can count on Portland Artificial Grass to get the job done perfectly. We use only the toughest synthetic turf, so you can expect a beautiful artificial grass installation that’s built to last.

Call us now at 408-317-0931 o rsend us a message online and let’s talk about your installation!

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