3 Low-Maintenance Advantages of a Synthetic Putting Green in Portland

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Installing a backyard putting green in Portland is not just an excellent investment for golf enthusiasts. It’s also a fun activity for family bonding and for when you have guests over. If you already have a natural lawn, maintaining a putting green can seem like a daunting task given how hard it is to care for real grass. Fortunately, using synthetic turf for both your landscape and backyard putting green requires very minimal work.

Upkeep Benefits of Artificial Putting Greens

Playing at the golf range means you never have to think about all the effort that goes into the perfect green. Of course, this comes at a steep price —you have to pay for club membership, tee time, gas for travel and other range-related expenses. Worse, you can only play when you have some free time since most courses are located away from residential areas.

Installing a backyard putting green lets you play to your heart’s content. It also means you’re now responsible for taking care of your play area. With the help of a synthetic grass expert in Portland, you can focus on the game without stressing out over lawn care.

Using artificial turf simplifies putting green maintenance in several ways:

  1. You don’t need to water your green.

Usually, a putting green made of natural grass requires water twice a day: during the early morning and in the evening. If you can’t fit this into your schedule, you’ll soon have an unplayable putting green filled with dead, brown patches. Erase this concern when you go synthetic. The only time your green will need watering is if it gets too dirty or dusty, which only happens from to time.

  1. You don’t have to mow the turf.

Mowing is one of the most disliked yard chores. It involves spending hours, sometimes a whole weekend, working under the sun just to avoid an overgrown yard. Worse, the job never stops since grass grows continuously.

Park your lawnmower for good once you have a synthetic green! Your installers will help you choose the perfect pile height for your playing area, which will remain at the same level throughout the years.

  1. You never need to fertilize your putting grounds.

If you want a green, healthy lawn, you need to spend a lot of time and money on yard care chemicals. Not only can it get expensive, but it also exposes you and your family to toxins every time you practice your swings or spend time outside.

Investing in a synthetic putting green in Portland eliminates the need to apply any solution on your lawn. Scratch this off your maintenance to-do list and focus on enjoying your evergreen, lush putting area.

Invest in an Artificial Putting Green Today

Aside from eliminating most lawn care chores, a synthetic putting green offers more benefits you can’t get with natural grass. It’s easily customizable, dirt-free and non-toxic. It also works well for indoor and outdoor applications. Our expert installers here at Portland Artificial Grass can even add creative features to accommodate your skill level and playing style.

Add more fun and value to your yard with a putting green and pet artificial grass in Portland! Call Portland Artificial Grass today at 408-317-0931 for inquiries about your project.

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